Twisted Handle Paper Bags

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It's in the Bag

Offer your customers our high quality personalised paper bag. Our luxurious and sturdy 140gsm glossy white Kraft paper will give every brand a premium feel. 

These paper bags are available in 5 different sizes and can be printed edge to edge in full (CMYK) colour on the outside, allowing you to create a unique design for every client.

They have twisted paper handles which are attached to the inside of the bags and are reinforced using a paper patch making them durable. You can put everything in them from small books and clothes to gifts and cosmetics. They make great custom gift bags for retail and events. Being a paper bag makes them exempt from the 5p plastic bag charge in England.

Twisted handle paper bags are available in 5 different sizes (w x d x h):

  • 240mm x 90mm x 240mm
  • 240mm x 90mm x 320mm
  • 310mm x 120mm x 250mm
  • 310mm x 120mm x 310mm
  • 310mm x 120mm x 410mm

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