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Easy branding for bottles

Bottle Labels are supplied on a roll for easy machine or manual application. They are supplied on a 76mm thick core and are available in different roll widths dependant on the size of your label. Customise your client’s label with a choice of label size, shape and image orientation.

Premium Textured Paper

This premium label is made from paper for a hand-finished, artisan effect. Ideal for luxury wine brands, it is off-white in colour and complete with a varnish for shine and longevity. It is perfect for labelling bottles as the adhesive is designed to stick to damp surfaces at low temperatures.

Gloss white polypropylene

A glossy and white tearproof and waterproof substrate with permanent acrylic adhesive. This label is suitable for internal and external use and perfect for a wide temperature range, making it the ideal choice for wine and beverage labelling.

Metallic silver polypropylene

Glossy and silver for a metallic effect, with a permanent acrylic adhesive that is tearproof and waterproof. This label can be written on and is suitable for high value and prestigious items such as wine.


Satin paper is perfect for luxury goods and winemaking. Offer vineyards a high quality pearly-white embossed adhesive paper with a protective anti-scratch varnish to guarantee they’ll last.

Black Pulp-Dyed Paper

This paper has been specially designed for glass containers. Due to its rigidity, it is recommended for use on bottles and jars with a diameter of over 60mm.

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