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On-the-go promotion

Promote your client’s company on-the-go with our Car Window Stickers.

Our digitally printed custom car stickers offer fantastic value for money. They are perfectly suited to a wide range of promotional uses, from local radio stations and charities, to brands and larger corporations. Encourage your client’s biggest supporters to proudly display these windscreen stickers in their car and around their office.

These stickers are made from Transparent Polypropylene, which has a glossy finish for stand out colours in your design. When your client’s brand is on the line, these are stickers you can rely on. With tear-proof material suitable for use indoors and out, and a permanent acrylic adhesive, these stickers are made to stay put.

Create completely customised window transfer stickers for your client, with a choice of straight or custom cut stickers available in any size, from 10 x 10mm to 300 x 300mm. Receive an instant quote and order any quantity of stickers, from a single unit up to 100,000 units.

This sticker is transparent, however if you would prefer a white underlay on your design, choose White Print from the product selector. These stickers are suitable for use on the outside of a window, however if you would prefer these be used on the inside of a window, choose Mirrored Printing from the product selector.

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